Keoka Maine Coons

Keoka Maine Coons
in "Sunny" Devon

K M C Logo - Mop as a kitten Our 'Cats With Attitude' have moved from a rambling Edwardian house just off Ealing Common in West London to a cottage in North Devon with several acres of meadow and woodland.
We are near Barnstaple, sort of, but we aren't even near the postal address as we are down our own lane off a narrow road and so aren't near anywhere.
It is safe for most of the neuters and even some kittens to go outside and some of the entires have a good explore on a harness. In winter most of the tribe are content to lie upside down in front of the real log fire and summer finds many of them basking in the sun or playing in the rain.

We have stopped breeding, so sorry no kittens but try:

Tassare Maine Coons

Rumtumtugger Maine Coons

The Keoka Yawning Competition

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The Maine Coon is the smile on the face of the Tiger. (copyright © 1996 David Brinicombe :-) ) If you're not familiar with Maine Coons, the large friendly cats from the American State of Maine, look below for some more details and extracts from my pamphlet 'Your new Maine Coon' which I give to new owners of my kittens.

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The last Keoka litter

Keoka Tuscarora's kittens by IC Sarafina Shosowi

DOB: 19 April 06

Blue Silver Classic Tabby boy (Domino) noe Patoka
Blue Silver Classic Tabby & White boy (Paws) now Jester
Blue Silver? Classic Tabby & White girl (Squesk) now Chinqua
Blue Silver Classic Tabby boy (Four) now Pagago

The names are temporary names. Domino has six spots on his tum, Paws is obvious. Squesk had a tiny voice when she was born. and Four has four prominant spots on his tum apart from being fourth.

Mums got breakfast in bed wen their kittens were born, but Tusca demanded queening box service to continue.

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Serai and Napezi

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Napezi & Serai
The two boys just mooching around in the shrubbery

A pair of lively boys we thought we had found homes for - but they became favourites instead - are the brothers Napezi and Serai, both named after First American Chiefs. These lads have got used to chasing around in acres of woodland and in the rain and rerely, snow. They have bonded and we couldn;t gind a suitable home for both, so they stayed.

Serai is a Red Silver Mackeral Tabby but his silvering is so pale the patern doesn't show up. Serai is an unusually pale Cream Shaded with virtually no patterning. Both are lap cats indoors and Serai accompanies me in the garden when he's not exploring in the woods with Napezi.

Napezi is a little shy as we are very remote here and they don't meet may people they don't know. but he is the first to climb on my lap and purr and nuzzle me when I'm trying to watch TV.

The two lads seem to have a very efficient bush telegraph system which can report a can being opened in the kitchen to a range of 100 yards.

There's more on their owm page - click on the pic.

Past Keoka Kittens

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Take 1
Note: updated Nov 04

About KMC


The Keoka speciality is Silver and Shaded Maines We also love Whites, but have stopped breeding them. We imported a silver queen from the States who is behind our best show winnning lines. We are working on developing loose longish coats (shagpile) and our original Silver line is long, heavy bodied, pale and untarnished and very friendly.

Many Keoka cats have a good proportion of "old fashioned" lines in them with firm square muzzles and heavy boning, and it is by using these that we have got our top show winning lines. We aim for good but not huge upright ears and medium long but very square muxxles without droopy noses.

We produced the first Shell (Tipped) Maine Coon (MCO d 09 12) in Britain and two very pale shadeds. This mating has been repeated. and some of the very pale ones are being bred from. Look for the kitten pix at the top of the home page for details when available.

Our cats are registered with Felis Britannica and some with the GCCF and we show mainly with the FB/FIFe. We have a European Champion, two International Champions, an International Premier, three Champions, two Premiers and one GCCF Grand Champion.


I always warn prospective purchasers that Maine Coons are a cat lover's cat. If you want a passive cat which will just lie about and look beautiful, then Maines are not for you. They will leap around and insist they look beautiful. They ought really to be issued with a health warning: 'This cat will change your lifestyle', but if you are prepared for this, you can look forward to a very communicative cat who needs lots of love and attention and gives it back.

Choosing a Kitten

What do you actually want in a cat? If you want to show, you want one that has good type and colour and can cope with the rigours of showing. If you want a breeding animal, you want one that will produce good kittens and handle well as a stud or as a queen giving birth. If you want a pet, you want one that looks nice and is friendly and cuddly. What is the common quality? Temperament.

What produced good temperament? In short good parents and handling. Bruce Fogle in 'Claws and Purrs' states that the first seven weeks are crucial - after that it's too late. The best kittens are those which have been hand fed, for instance with big litters, when there are often not enough developed teats to go round. Otherwise daily handling is essential from birth and, when they get mobile, playing with them for many hours that could have been spent in the Pub.

Cats aren't predictable, and some of the most friendly can take to behind the settee when visitors arrive, but kittens that have been confined to a pen for their early lives with only mum for company, stay there.

I like my queens to give birth in the bedroom and they like me to be midwife (or should that be midhusband these days?). Otherwise, I set up a portable bed in their room and sleep in there from time to time even when they are bigger. You can get used to a 'Sealed Knot' type battle reenactment at dawn across the blankets, but not a lot. You will have gathered by now that I rate temperament at the top of the list.

Buying a Kitten

Big cats eat a lot and can chomp through UKL300 a year. I suppose I will have to answer the next question but it is not the best way to open a conversation with a breeder - "how much?". The priority for responsible breeders is to see their kittens go to loving homes. You are buying a little favourite, not a commodity.

In Britain, the recommended price range for pet kittens is about UKL150 to UKL300. Some breeders charge more for showing, but I'm only too pleased to see mine on the bench so I don't. Breeding animals are more, of course, female kittens up to about UKL450 males up to UKL750 if they are cracking quality. There aren't many adults sold, and they can be rehomed at a nominal cost or negotiated for if valuable breeding animals. I don't know of any trade in Show Winners, unlike d*gs.

Beware of breeders who charge over the odds, and raise one eyebrow if they start explaining that their kittens are better than other people's. Raise both eyebrows if they start rubbishing other people's cats. A confident breeder should be prepared to recommend viewing other breeder's kittens if they know theirs are as good or better. A breeder should offer some form of redress in writing in case a kitten turns out to be defective. See 'Awful Warnings' for more details.

My kittens leave having been checked twice by the vet, with an Inoculation Certificate, a signed pedigree, a two way Purchase agreement including a guarantee, a receipt, an insurance cover note, a booklet about kitten care, a toy and a hug. They are usually dual registered with the GCCF and CA/FIFe. Kittens which have a problem are rehomed at the nominal cost of immunisation.

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